Monday, 2 December 2013

Morning coffee

I like mornings, sleepy clumsy mornings...
I always feel a bit insecure to begin with, sometimes I wish I could sleep for longer, I toss and turn and try to go back to sleep but that never works; that's when I realize I can do better, I convince myself there's no point, unless there is a point in losing time while doing nothing in bed.
It's cold out there, it's winter and I always seem to feel its cold more than others.
He's sleeping peacefully, He's never cold. I watch him dreaming but only for a minute, His mornings are for sleeping, he won't be up until 10. I like wearing his dressing gown, it's silky and soft and covers me all up, smells like Him. It's like wearing your favorite person as if he was a jumper.
I try to make my way downstairs without tripping over, I sometimes succeed.
Our sitting room is my favorite place to be, lounging on our soft sofa surrounded by books. What else do I need?
Coffee or tea? Make it coffee today, I feel adventurous.
AH, I nearly forgot: there's nothing like fruit for breakfast, I must say... Unless you'd rather have leftover cake, because that's fine as well.
C x

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