Sunday, 31 August 2014

A first

First tomatoes this year, they taste like honey! It has been a long wait but it's worth it. More to come!

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Popcorn marshmallow deliciousness

You might think they are not a big deal but trust me they can become! They are that 'little something' you bring along when out visiting friends, movie night or just to nibble while you work. They are delicious! All you need is popcorn (buy it already made or have a go yourself), marshmallows, white chocolate chips and i also used smarties. Next time i will go for ground coffee, i heard they are a good combination. Melt some butter (50g) in a pan and add 200g marshmallow (add more for more sweetness and stickiness). On a low heat allow them to melt. When ready pour over popcorn and add the white chocolate and smarties. Mix as well as you can with a wooden spoon. At this stage put on some rubber gloves and shape the popcorn balls as you would like. Try not to forget this stage as the marshmallow can be quite hot still and you might end up burning yourself which is not cool!
Enjoy x